The Need

Blessings of a Healthy Endowment

St. Hubert’s is blessed with a lovely setting, backing onto the Chagrin River. The dynamic nature of the river requires streambank stabilization to prevent erosion. In the summer of 2015, the west riverbank along the parking lot was stabilized with a new rock wall. The bank is now being landscaped. The parking lot was resurfaced, restriped for better flow and clarity of handicap parking, and 6–8 new spaces were added. St. Hubert’s is blessed with an endowment that facilitated this time sensitive project. The vestry approved a loan from our endowment to be paid back as part of this capital campaign. $200,000

Blessings of a Renovated Building

St. Hubert’s is blessed with an active growing congregation that fills the building for outreach activities, adult and children education, and opportunities to connect with each other such as potlucks, coffee hours, and celebrations. While we are blessed with a lovely church and social space, our ministry needs are growing beyond available space. $550,000

To facilitate current activities and emerging needs, this capital campaign will expand the social/ministry spaces, improve accessibility, provide needed church space, and fix age-related roof and foundation issues. The integrated proposal maintains the look of a blessed country church balanced with a welcoming parish space.

Changes and expansions of the parish space will provide a wider River Room that flows smoothly into additional social space next to a full kitchen, a larger Evans Room for education with dedicated quiet nursery space, and a living room style teen space. The Rector’s office and Administrator’s office will be relocated near each other to facilitate church management. Accessibility will be improved including larger handicap accessible bathrooms and a handicap compliant ramp to the patio will be added.

The Sanctuary space will be expanded and reconfigured to provide needed additional seating while preserving the unique beauty and scale of the interior space. Changes in the social space will provide the opportunity to backlight the stained glass windows on the river side. The middle entrance to St. Hubert’s will be expanded to provide more direct access to the circular drive and allow for processions from the back of the church. This new space provides convenient access to a larger sacristy for the altar and flower guilds.

These proposed interior improvements will be coupled with needed improved mechanical/ electrical systems. Foundation problems and outside trim issues due to our existing roof lines and water damage will be remedied and the necessary re-roofing will be handled concurrent with the new additions. New carpet and fresh paint for the social spaces will come with the proposed expansion and reconfiguration.

Challenge Goal

St. Hubert’s needs a musical instrument that complements and enhances the beautiful church service. Electronic organ technology today creates a sound like a real pipe organ while being more space efficient and providing a level of sound more amenable to a smaller church space, like St. Hubert’s. An Allen electronic organ with three keyboard levels, a full pedal board, and a Skinner-style console can support a general organ repertoire, as well as provide sounds such as percussions, strings, and piano, like our current keyboard. If this stretch goal is achieved, St. Hubert’s can be blessed with acquisition and installation of the new organ. $100,000.