We are a parish that gathers in all types because we know the image of God gets richer and deeper with each new face. We are a parish that finds strength in our resolve, in our questioning, in our commitment to justice and dignity for all. We are a parish that will flourish because we know God is with us. Join us over the next three years as we continue to Gather, Strengthen and Flourish together.

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Campaign Goal $1,000,000


Campaign Prayer

GOD, we come to you humbled by the possibilities of your abundance — abundance to restore, repurpose, recreate, and reimagine the Church of the Epiphany. The journey from our past to our present tells a story of courage and welcome. With open hearts and willing minds, we seek your guidance to ensure the wise use of gathered resources as our journey together continues. Grant us wisdom, kindness, patience, charity, and gladness in our efforts to seek and serve you through the thoughtful stewardship of your abundance. In all that we do, we wish to embody the ideal of radical welcome, of a physical place and a human temperament that embodies the warmth of your wide embrace. We ask your blessing on our endeavor to gather our community, to strengthen our foundation, and to flourish as an embodiment of your spirit and presence among us. AMEN