To chant as one, we come together as a group, hearts open to the input of those around us. Holy Cross Monastery is engaged in a discernment process to examine the needs and future path of our ministry. Please join us as we chant to the Lord—inclining the "ear of our hearts" to God's will for us.

Latest News

A Sense of Place

by Kurt Aschermann, Associate of Holy Cross Monastery

My first visit to West Park, around 1983 (84?) was a revelation in more ways than one. First the beauty of the location, the buildings and most importantly the Divine Office startled me. I had heard about places like this, but had never been to one. During the weekend, I found myself having trouble staying in the room for the Vestry Retreat, which was the purpose of my visit. I wanted to explore every inch of the ...
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The Discernment Phase

A monastery like ours is never without ongoing work to maintain, improve, and develop the physical structures that support our life of prayer, worship and service. For instance, as I write this article, work is on-going on a climate-controlled room underneath Pilgrim Hall where we will house, access, and use the archives of the Order of the Holy Cross.

There are plenty more worthwhile projects which we would like to bring to fruition. But on the whole they go beyon ...
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Finding God’s Purpose for Your Capital Campaign

Our consultant at Episcopal Church Foundation recently wrote a blog entry on why religious institutions might do capital campaigns. Maybe you'll be inspired to consider one for your own church or organization.


What is discernment?


Who is involved?


What are the needs?


Are you asking me for money?


What's next?


Praying for Each Other

Eternal God, you are the source of all wisdom and you desire us to know and love you: bless Holy Cross Monastery that it may continue to be a center of sound rest, deepened prayer, and spiritual opening for its many visitors and companions; grant that those who visit there and those who live there may find you to be the source of all truth and goodness; through Jesus Christ our Lord.