The Discernment Phase

A monastery like ours is never without ongoing work to maintain, improve, and develop the physical structures that support our life of prayer, worship and service. For instance, as I write this article, work is on-going on a climate-controlled room underneath Pilgrim Hall where we will house, access, and use the archives of the Order of the Holy Cross.

There are plenty more worthwhile projects which we would like to bring to fruition. But on the whole they go beyond the capacity of our cash-flow and modest financial reserves.

So from time to time, we need to make a coordinated effort to reach as many donors as possible to help us out achieve some of the needed projects. This year, we hope to conduct a capital campaign to raise funds for projects in the three areas of worship, hospitality, and sustainability.

The capital campaign would run in three successive phases. We are currently undertaking the discernment phase. In this phase, we reach out to our various constituencies to let them know of our hopes and needs. We are doing this in print, web content, and video.

This web site is designed to inform you on what is being envisioned for the monastery. Here, you will find information on the type of projects we are envisioning to improve our monastery in the areas of worship, hospitality, and sustainability.

Later this spring, we will start the feasibility study for the capital campaign. In this second phase, we will poll as sample of potential donors to assess their interest in what we are undertaking and will gauge their willingness to support the plan with gifts. This will give us a sense of a reasonable scope for the third phase.

Finally, we would approach you to actually support our projects with your gifts of money. We expect this third phase to begin this fall.

If you have questions or would like to be approached to discuss how to support us in this endeavor, feel free to email Br. Bernard Delcourt.