When you walk through the doors at St. John’s, you enter a place alive with the Holy Spirit and committed to God’s work. A place where fellow Christians engage with each other as we seek our place in God’s plan. A place where our compassion extends beyond our doors allowing us to change the lives of others. A place where God’s joy is abundant in all we do.

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Campaign Goal $1,300,000



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Campaign Prayer

ALMIGHTY GOD, giver of every good gift, look graciously on this parish as we take up the work of leading a capital campaign. We come before you wanting to improve our ability to welcome and serve, and thank you for this challenge. As we prepare to restore the beauty of these grounds, help us open our hearts and minds to your Holy Spirit. As we work to renew our building, so renew our life together in this place and rekindle our energy as we minister in your name. Grant us the wisdom to know your will, and the vision to see the exciting possibilities this place of worship has to offer. Finally, give us the spirit of generosity and perseverance to see the job through. And we pray that when our labors are done, all who seek you in St. John’s Church, now and for years to come, may find you and be filled with your joy and peace. We ask this in Jesus’ name. AMEN.