Dear friends:
The most sacred stories we know are those bound up in friendships…friendships created by the mysterious grace of God and lived out with joy, wisdom sharing, trust building, respect for all and learning to love—unconditionally. Ascension School is a place where we learned these vital life signs…signs of Christ’s presence…bonding us to one another and to God’s precious creation.

To strengthen and insure the future of Ascension School Camp and Conference Center, we invite you to join us in prayer and action. Your generosity in praying for and giving to this campaign is consequential for the spiritual health and the financial stability of Ascension. For 90 years people have gathered in this holy space and become friends. Please help us continue such a blessing.


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Campaign Goal $400,000

Challenge Goal $50,000


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Celebrate Ascension's Campaign Kick Off Events

We are excited to announce our campaign kick off events schedule. The kick off events are an opportunity for you to learn more about the campaign and how you can be a part of the future of Ascension School Camp and Conference Center. Please see the link below for the event calendar.Event Calendar for Website.pdf

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A Message from the Campaign Trail

The campaign to date has been successful beyond our expectations. ...
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LOVING GOD, you created everything that is and gave the earth into our care: Fill us with your grace, that, as joyful stewards of the dream you have set before us, we may further the mission and ministry of Ascension School, and have the strength, the will, and the imagination to fulfill your vision for this holy place; in Christ’s name we pray. AMEN.