The Need


      Twenty-five years ago, a dedicated group of faith-filled Episcopalians envisioned a worship space that would ground their love of God and neighbors in Huntington Beach. The resulting Sanctuary has served well as the place where people young and old have begun their journey with Christ through the sacrament of Baptism; received the body and blood of Christ; been confirmed in their faith through the sacrament of Confirmation; listened to God’s Word proclaimed by many inspired preachers; shared moments of deep faith and profound growth with fellow parishioners and said farewell to loved ones who have passed on to their eternal reward.

      However, twenty-five years of worship and weather have left their mark on the physical structure we call home. Now we need to address the issues raised so we can praise our God and share His Word today and leave a legacy for those who will follow. Where would we be today if our founding members did not have the vision and faith to build the house of God we have today? What will our legacy be for our children and generations to come?

      Here are the improvements required to keep this sacred space the heart of our mission and ministry:

      Install new Air Conditioning: $265,000

      New Roof: $87,000

      Paint inside and out and refinish wood surfaces: $75,300

      Total: $427,300*
      * Includes 6% for cost to conduct the capital campaign


      When the Sanctuary and Chapel were constructed, our predecessors seized the opportunity to transform Sacquety Hall into our parish hall. Redesigned with a kitchen, and bathrooms with showers, Sacquety Hall became a profoundly multi-purpose space! In between services it’s where our adult education hour is held. After services it’s where we meet to welcome newcomers and to catch up with those we haven’t seen all week. After a wedding, funeral or other special occasions this is where we gather to celebrate community or share in a common meal. During the week it is a meeting place for our Scout troops, a rehearsal space for musical groups, a meeting and training space for various community groups and a home for overnight programs like SHIP.

      Twenty-five years of daily use has taken its toll on the building. It was last painted in 1993. The roof is nearing the end of its useful life. The heating and air conditioning system is the original unit and parts are increasingly hard to come by. The floor tiles are wearing out. If we wish to continue embracing the vision that our predecessors had for our parish hall to be a gathering place for congregational life and a blessing to the community, then it is time to renew the facility for another generation of service. Here is what is required:

      Install Air Conditioning & Ceiling Fans: $55,000
      Paint, flooring, plastering: $36,900
      New Roof: $27,600
      Replace Oven: $10,600
      Bathroom Upgrades: $3,600

      Total: $128,900*
      * Includes 6% for cost to conduct the capital campaign


      While the Education and Office Wing of St. Wilfrid’s can seem fairly calm on a Sunday morning, it is a hive of activity the rest of the week! The clergy, administrator, and secretary offices are used day-in and day-out. The preschool operates 11 hours a day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Rooms 9, 11, and 12 are filled every day by support groups, recovery groups and community groups of various kinds—not to mention our own administrative meetings. Twenty-five years of daily wear and tear adds up.

      The exterior of the offices and education rooms were last painted in 1993. The roof is nearing the end of its useful life. The restrooms in the office have not been upgraded since 1993. The vinyl floors are stained and the seams are lifting up. Flooring in the office and rooms 8, 9, and 10 are original and in need of replacement. Air conditioning was not installed in the education rooms or rooms 9-12. While window air conditioner units have been installed in the preschool and portable air conditioner units have been installed in rooms 11/12, this is but a stop-gap, inefficient solution. To be able to continue to maintain and grow our service to our parish family and the community beyond our borders it is time for some basic fixing up!:

      Install Air Conditioning: $76,800
      New Roof: $70,500
      Paint, flooring, windows, doors: $46,100
      Canopy for Preschool Play Yard: $26,500
      Bathroom Upgrades: $10,300

      Total: $230,200*
      * Includes 6% for cost to conduct the capital campaign

      St. Wilfrid’s founders looked out over a chili farm and envisioned a place of peace, tranquility, and inspiration here in Huntington Beach. Rather than jalapeños, they saw hope. They saw the land planted with the seeds of faith and blossoming into a community of service and compassion. Gradually a multi-purpose campus emerged, with pathways, patios and a parking lot connecting the various buildings.

      Fellowship, service and praise of God have been realized on our beautifully manicured and maintained campus. To continue the welcoming nature of our campus, certain needs have been identified. They are:

      General repair, resealing and restriping the parking lot: $22,300
      Concrete surface repairs: $13,300

      Total: $35,600*
      * Includes 6% for cost to conduct the capital campaign

      The grand total of projects in our base goal is $822,000.

      We have also identified a Challenge Goal of $868,400.

      The following items (totaling $46,400) will only be included if the Challenge Goal is achieved:

      Sanctuary/Chapel Miscellaneous Upgrades (bathrooms, cry room, etc.): $22,200
      Youth Building Interior Painting: $7,100
      Office Wing restroom and/or flooring: $7,000
      Replace Preschool single pane windows with dual pane: $5,300
      Sacquety Hall Blackout Curtains: $4,800


What is the time period for this capital campaign?


Are we still having an annual pledge campaign?


What are the financial controls for funds raised during this campaign?


Are all the project cost estimates reliable for all this work?


Would all work be put out to bid?


What’s the situation with the air conditioning units throughout the church?


How old are the roofs and do they really need to be replaced?